Escapement Mosquito

Shock-resistant escapement with innovative pivoted detent


The body of the pivoted detent is cut out of a synthetic jewel. The remaining part of the jewel is just a thin stripe. The outside radius provides concentric design. The remaining hole of the jewel is fitted with the arbor of a pivoted detent. The detent is so small and light like a mosquito, and has, automatically, very little initia (hardly noticeable to the eye), which enables secure locking of the impulse wheel during shock.


  • Movement: 18 Jewel, frosted surface, gold plated, with pivoted detent
  • Tourbillon: 1 turn in 10 seconds, with single beat free balance escapement (Frequency: 21600 pulsations/h)
  • Case: Stainless steel. 42mm
  • Silver Dial: Guilloche, 5 Parts
  • Sapphire crystal, front and back

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Escapement Mosquito Front